A Bit About Us!

How We Came To Be...

The Lincoln Firefighter’s Reception Hall has served as a venue for meetings, parties, wedding receptions and philanthropic events since the year 2000. It was the vision of the Lincoln Firefighter’s Association Local 644 to construct a building that would house events and allow them to be able to engage with the local community.

The planning started in the mid to late 1980s when the group first came up with the conceptual idea for the facility and formed a committee to plan the project. Their idea blossomed into reality when they found themselves purchasing a plot of property in Lincoln in the early 1990s.

The Lincoln Firefighter’s Association Local 644 in partnership with the Lincoln Firefighter’s Benefit Association purchased the plot located at 241 Victory Lane. In the mid to late 1990s the planning committee selected an architect and hired a general contractor to set the project into full swing.

Who We Are Today...

The Lincoln Firefighter’s Reception Hall is proud to have a dynamic entertainment space that can accommodate any style of event up to 300 people seated. We offer modern conveniences and affordable elegance to create the perfect atmosphere for your special event!

We are located within minutes of downtown Lincoln providing quick and easy access to lodging, restaurants, shopping, and more. Our amenities include all-day access, table/chair set up, the ability to bring in your own catering or use our large commercial kitchen, a projector and screen, wireless mics, internet access, bar service with staff available, centerpiece items, decorating/lighting options, and much more!

From elegant social events and wedding receptions, to corporate gatherings and non-profit fundraisers, no matter what you decide to use the Lincoln Firefighter’s Reception Hall for, our helpful and professional staff awaits your next special occasion and would be pleased to be a part of your event.

Please call or email the Lincoln Firefighter’s Reception Hall and allow us to help you plan your event today!